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Image Options
Select how do you want to compress JPEG. You can compress to a certain file size, quality, or even use a lossless method.
Lower values give better compression (at the cost of image quality). Default (66) is a good balance between image quality and compression
Progressive compression yield better results for 10KB or larger JPEGs. Plus your images will render progressively!
Downscale/resize images to save even more on file size
(Recommended) more info under section "Advanced JPEG Compression."
Choose for black and white or grayscale images.

How to Compress JPEG Images?

  1. Click the “Choose Files” button to upload your JPEG images
  2. Click the "Compress JPEG" button to start compressing.
  3. Once the status change to "Done" click the "Download JPEG" button.

Best Quality

Compress JPEG files without sacrificing quality. You can target a specific file size, a quality level, or even apply lossless compression.

Easy to Use

Default options do a great job of compressing. Simply upload your images and let us work our magic.

Free & Secure

This JPEG Compressor is free and works on any web browser. Plus, all files are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption and deleted automatically after a few hours. Your file security and privacy are guaranteed.

While default settings do a great job, our "Advanced Settings" (optional) give you full control of JPEG compression.

  1. By quality - This allows you to manually set the lossy compression level applied to your JPG files.
  2. By Target File Size - Use this feature to set a target file size.
  3. Compress Losslessly - If you do not want any quality loss, use this method (File sizes will be bigger than the lossy methods.)
  4. Progressive JPG compression - Effective for 10Kb or larger files (also renders without waiting for the whole file to download.)
  5. Resize - Optionally, you can downscale JPEG images to further reduce file size [2].
  6. Reduce Chroma Sampling - Implements less resolution for chroma information than for luma information to reduce JPEG size. The effect is mostly indistinguishable because the human eye is less sensitive to color differences than to luminance.[1]

Valuable Image Tools

Here is a list of image tools to further edit your images.

  1. Image Resizer - Quick and easy way to resize an image to any size
  2. Crop Image - Use this tool to crop unwanted areas from your image
  3. Image Compressor - Reduce image files size by up to 80 to 90% using this tool
  4. Color Picker - Quickly pick a color from the color wheel or from your image online
  5. Image Enlarger - A fast way to make your images bigger
How does it work?

By default, we compress JPEG images using a combination of lossy & progressive compression while reducing chroma sampling to 4:2:0. Our goal is to reduce JPEG file size at the highest possible image quality. This tool also follows the image compression guidelines set by Google.

Why should I compress JPEG files?

A web page with optimized images load faster, and your visitors will thank you for it! It can also lower your bandwidth cost. You can also share, upload, or e-mail your images faster when they are optimized.

Is there a max file size limit?

We can compress large JPG images up to 1GB!


[1] - Chroma Subsampling

[2] - Image Resizer

Does FreeConvert provide other file compressors?

We sure do! Check out our PNG Compressor, Video Compressor, PDF Compressor, and Image Compressor

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