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World's best video compressor tool to reduce video file size

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Video Quality & Size
H265 codec can reduce video size 20-75% more compared to H264 (especially high-resolution video)
Choose "Target a file size" to get an exact output file size. Choose "Target a video quality" when quality is of importance.
Select a target file size as a percentage (0 - 10000%) of the original. Smaller values compress more. For example, a 100Mb file would become 25Mb if you select 25%.
Only use this option if you plan to play the video on a really old device or if you are having playback issues (it compress less)
Subtitle Settings
Select the best option for your subtitles: 'Upload' to add your own, or 'Copy' to replicate from the original file.
Choose a file Browse
Upload a .srt or .ass file.
Hardsubs, always visible and integrated into the video, are suitable for permanent captions, while softsubs, stored separately, can be turned on or off for customized viewing.

How To Compress a Video?

  1. Click the “Choose Video” button to select your video file 
  2. Keep the default options (they do a great job!) or specify advanced options 
  3. Click on the “Compress Video” button to start compression 
  4. When the status change to “Done” click the “Download Video” button 

World's best video compressor to compress MP4, AVI, MKV, or any other video file. Choose the default options to compress video size by 40%, or choose a custom size.

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