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This free online tool lets you convert your files from CR2 to WEBP format quickly and easily. You can also batch convert CR2 to WEBP format by uploading multiple CR2 files above.

How to convert CR2 to WEBP?

  1. Drag and drop your CR2 files in the upload box above
  2. Click on the blue "Convert to WEBP" button to start conversion
  3. Once the conversion finishes, click the “Download” or “Download All” (Zip archive of all files) to download your WEBP files.

What file types are supported?

This CR2 to WEBP converter supports conversion of CR2 files such as .cr2 to WEBP image format. Max file size supported is: 1GB.

What is a CR2 (Canon Raw Version 2) file?

Canon Raw Version 2 (CR2) is a digital negative file format that retains all the information about the image, as recorded by a Canon digital camera. Images of this file type are uncompressed and relatively larger than other image file types. The primary benefit of using the CR2 file type is that it offers a high level of editability in post-processing that is typical of other RAW files.

How to open a CR2 file?

CR2 files open readily in Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. Other programs to consider include Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom for Mac. A free alternative is Unidentified Flying Raw (UFRaw) and Microsoft Raw Image Extension.

Due to the large size of CR2 files or the unavailability of advanced editing software, a lot of users may prefer to convert CR2 to JPG.

Developed by: Canon, Inc.

Initial Release: 2004

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