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This free online tool lets you convert your files from DOC to JPG format quickly and easily. You can also batch convert DOC to JPG format by uploading multiple DOC files above.

How to convert DOC to JPG?

  1. Drag and drop your DOC files in the upload box above
  2. Click on the blue "Convert to JPG" button to start conversion
  3. Once the conversion finishes, click the “Download” or “Download All” (Zip archive of all files) to download your JPG files.

What file types are supported?

This DOC to JPG converter supports conversion of DOC files such as .doc, .word, .docx to JPG image format. Max file size supported is: 1GB.

What is a JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file?

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), or JPG, is a universal file format that utilizes an algorithm to compress photographs and graphics. The considerable compression that JPEG offers is the reason for its wide use. As such, the relatively small size of JPEG files makes them excellent for transporting over the Internet and using on websites. You can use our compress JPEG tool to reduce the file size by up to 80%!


If you need even better compression, you can convert JPG to WebP, which is a newer and more compressible file format.


How to open a JPEG file?

Almost all image-viewer programs and applications recognize and can open JPEG files. Simply double-clicking the JPEG file will usually result in its opening in your default image viewer, image editor, or web browser. To select a specific application to open the file, utilize right-click, and select "Open with" to make your selection.


JPEG files open automatically on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Photos, and Mac OS applications such as Apple Preview. If you experience problems opening a JPEG file, then it is most likely due to the inability of the browser or application to know that the JPEG and JPG file extensions are synonymous. Rename the file to JPG, and that should work.


Developed by: Joint Photographic Experts Group

Initial Release: 18 September 1992

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