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Best Webpage to PDF Settings

Default options of our Webpage to PDF converter does a great job but you can also use the Advanced Settings to customize the PDF output. Here is an explanation of all the settings:

  1. Page Size: You can select a PDF page size or choose to print the whole webpage to a single page PDF (default).
  2. Page Orientation: Select portrait or landscape orientation when saving webpage to PDF
  3. Margin: Select a margin for your PDF document (in pixels)
  4. Viewport Width: Let us know the browser width from which you want us to render the web page before printing it to a PDF
  5. Initial Delay: Specify a delay in seconds before the webpage is captured to a PDF (allow all elements to properly load before capturing the webpage to PDF). The default value is 3 seconds.
  6. Automatically Hide Cookie Notices: If enabled, we will attempt to automatically hide those annoying cookie notices before converting Webpage to PDF (beta feature)
  7. Use Print Stylesheet: Use the CSS specified in the webpage's stylesheet.

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